Body Chemistry
Proper balance to our body chemistry is an important aspect of good health, proper function, and reaching your potential in every area of life.  There are a number of things that can upset your body chemistry such as food, alcohol, medications, the environment and pollutants that we take in with our food, water, and air.  Proper body chemistry and the production of the right chemicals in the right amounts is vital to almost every activity.  Scientists in the health field are realizing that many diseases, in fact, most diseases have at least some imbalance in body chemistry as a cause.  Diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, are directly related to the improper production of certain chemicals.  We are all aware that diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to produce an important chemical called insulin.

Aside from health issues, proper body chemistry is important to overall well-being.  You cannot go to sleep at night if your body does not produce the right chemicals or if your body is producing the wrong chemicals.  You cannot thread a needle, climb steps, butter your bread, laugh, drive a car or just about anything else unless the chemistry in your body is balanced.

So what causes an upset or an imbalance of your body chemistry beside the things we mentioned earlier?  One thing, the thing that attracts the attention of the chiropractor, is a vertebral subluxation.  There are millions of glands and cells in the body that produce chemicals.  Every cell in the body produces chemicals for its own use.  But many of them also produce chemicals that are responsible for the functions already mentioned and thousands more that the average person does not even know about.   Actually it is a pretty wonderful thought, to realize that whether or not we know anything about the thousands of chemical reactions that are taking place right this second in our bodies, they are happening and keeping us alive and well.  For them to occur, they must receive the proper messages through the nerve system.  You can imagine how important communication is if there are thousands of glands and cells producing all these chemicals.  Any interruption in the communication system and the body just cannot do its job to properly produce chemicals and balance body chemistry.  That is exactly what a vertebral subluxation does, it disrupts communication resulting in an imbalance in body chemistry.  Can you live that way?  Well sure but not as well as you can with a well-balanced body chemistry.  Will it eventually lead to problems?  Absolutely!  Will it eventually cause diabetes, or Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s?  Well, we do not know that.  Everyone is different.  There are obviously other factors beside vertebral subluxation that determine whether a person gets sick or not and which disease they manifest, but getting adjusted regularly will definitely increase your chance of staying well!!.  But more important, a more balanced body chemistry will improve the likelihood that you stay healthy just as eating good food, exercising regularly and getting the proper sleep will increase that likelihood.  Most important, when your body chemistry is balanced every activity you participate in will be improved.

Proper body chemistry and the production of the right chemicals in the right amounts is vital to almost every activity.
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